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About Training System Support Center

The KC-10 Training System (TS) is a contractor-operated ground-based training system for the Air Force KC-10 weapon system. The system's assets are largely owned by the Government, but operated and maintained by the Nova Team, which consists of Nova Technologies (Nova) and its subcontractor Pinnacle Solutions, Inc (Pinnacle). The Nova Team is responsible for scheduling and completing the academic and Aircrew Training Device (ATD) training of Air Mobility Command and foreign students, including Pilots, Flight Engineers, Boom Operators, and Maintenance Engine Run Personnel. Additionally, the Nova Team will produce students that are guaranteed to pass an Air Force-administered proficiency evaluation at the end of the ground phase of training. KC-10 training and support operations, take place at Travis AFB, CA, and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.

To sustain the KC-10 TS, Pinnacle operates the KC-10 Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) in Fairfield, CA. The TSSC manages and implements changes to the KC-10 TS to keep it in configuration with the aircraft and its mission. The TSSC is responsible for concurrency engineering and configuration management of the KC-10 TS components, and as such includes courseware, hardware, and software engineering functions. The master technical data package is located at the TSSC master library. In addition, the TSSC performs logistic support functions, including spares repair and replacement management, obsolescence avoidance, and technology insertion.

Graduate Training Integration Management Systems (GTIMS), operated and maintained from within the TSSC, provides automated management information on critical KC-10 TS parameters and functions including student training status and progress, learning management, asset scheduling, and produces related management reports.